lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

5 Senses Monday XX


Again (and still hoping for more), bullfighting at las Ventas. This time I’m going to go with the lovely jackets the bullfighter wear that I had the chance to see from so near, that my pictures show even the traces of the textile. See yesterday for more details!

Tons of clothes, shoes, and very few carrés at the Hermès flea market… they were all so expensive, Marta and I left in about 10 minutes. We were so disappointed… last year I bought this gorgeous sandals for 200€ and this year, they weren’t under 400€!


From the lips of Marta that her friends find me nice and fun. I know it’s pretentious, but it really made my afternoon, and sometimes is just what you need to hear. Awesome afternoon, thrusday's one... flea market + beer + a nice walk with an awesome friend + book present from said friend = PERFECTION. Thanks girl!


The wind, on an extremely warm afternoon, coming unexpected and refreshing from behind the trees. It gives me a sense of renewal, of peace… and in days like today, a sense that all bad will eventually go away… if only for an instant, it’s precious.

Exhausted, drained… SO HOT during the padel class on Wednesday… I couldn’t concentrate at all in what I was doing!


Hamburgers being cooked on the nearby Foster’s restaurant during padel class. Do I have to mentioned it kills us all?


A Bombay Saphire Gin&Tonic with lots of ice and a touch of lemon (natural) on an outdoor terrace at Isa’s farewell meal? Drinks? I’m not really sure. All I know is we went to eat at 13:30 and never made it back to the office.

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