miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Today's outfit: I'm feeling kinda Audrey...

Welcoming (soon enough!) spring, I felt like totaly succumbing to a look that... I'm sorry to say, is already too extended to be true: Navy Stripes. 

In any case, I bought this top ages ago, and I was dying to use it... only thing was that the weather had other plans for me and my top. I love its flirty look on the sleeves, and the fact that's so comfortable yet classy. Topped with a braid... spring trends, here I go!

I decided to paired it with a pair of skiny capri pants (though they don't look very capri on me, thank god) and some ballerina flats... a wee bit like Audrey

Top: H&M
Pants: TMX

Today was a good day overall. Padel class was SO MUCH FUN!!! Susan and I got to beat the teacher and our other colleague 3-0. That's was, until the teacher got pissed at himself (he had been missing blows all match) and decided to go all "I'm a proffesional padel player on us"... we where having so much fun at his irritation, that we didn't mind that we weren't getting to play much by then.


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