viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Today I'm wearing a TMX Total look

It's friday, and I can't believe it took me so long to get up, considering I'm normaly a morning person and that I need 5 minutes (and a huge coffee) to be up and about. Worst thing is I have no possible excuse, I went to bed pretty early yesterday... I felt so drown by the international meeting we've had all day (9sm to 18pm non-stop).

So I decided I had to spice up my day just a wee bit, and threw on part of my 3-piece TMX total look that I received from the Glamour Magazine a month ago or so... and the result was not bad at all!

I think the mix of the black nearly-leggins pants and ballerines (very Audrey) with a bit of colour coming from the red on the oversized t-shirt worked pretty well. I also found the jacket pretty functional, since it's been a bit chilly in Madrid since yesterday.

I think the headbands, which I added later on the day (when the stress of finishing the goodbye present of a friend at work was too much) did really spice up the look. I was totally inspired by Valentino... I can't seem to remember the exact collection, but they used this look, which I haven't been able to put together ever since until today.

T-Shirt and pants: TMX
Headband: H&M
Jacket: Top Shop

I've been at the hair saloon all afternoon, btw. 4pm til 8pm, having a change of look. The fringe's still on (I kind of love it), but I've turned my hair darker, towards a chocolate brown (which is a bit darker than my own brown) and cut the hair just underneath the neckline. Tomorrow I'll post some pics if I can.


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