viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Inspiring Carré

This picture just inspires me.

It makes me dream...

Dream of colourful days, and late afternoons by the sea.

Of long walks along Madrid, when the sun is about to leave, and there’s just this perfect spring temperature.

Of fruits, of siestas in the green beside a pool, covered by the trees shadows.

I just LOVE this picture… love the colours, the textures, the peace it communicates.
I love the way the carrés don’t make any sense of order, but look perfect altogether…

And I love the braid… and I’m thinking of trying this look myself (only with a different handkerchief, of course… until I get myself a real Hermès one)

Carrés are so cool… I think I’ll dedicate them a post another day.

In the meantime... I'll leave you with this video, which kind of resumes my feeling about the picture, as well as showing how vool this things can be... and versatile!

YouTube - Herm�s - "All I do" - the jersey fluid scarf by Rosario Romagnosi

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