lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

5 Senses Monday XVIII

For the second time this Season, bullfighting at Las Ventas. Horses, to be precise. I really don’t get tired of these events, even when you have a scandalous woman behind you shouting scared every time the bull gets near the horse… it’s totally worth it. Even when said woman (which you don’t know, in case you wondered) asks you for your amazing camera “for a while”… because she’s worth it.

Gossip Girl season Finale… OMG. OMFG. I’m still in shock. And I won’t say more because I know there are readers out there who haven’t seen the episode yet. But… OMG.

Arturo Pérez Reverte answering my tweet. This little details can make your day in some sense.

All the nice comments of the pictures I hung on facebook about the bullfighting, both online (which would qualify as “seeing”) and from people at work. I really appreciate them, thanks.

Michael Buble's "Haven't met you yet". This guy can really lift my spirits.

The first peach of the season… I could never get tired of both its smell and taste. Wonderful fruit, a peach is.

The sun… finally warming me up on the street.

My poor sick dog on Sunday. He was coughing, and I felt so helpless… I could only sit with him and caress him to make him feel better.

My new wonderful hand crafted jewel-necklace. An edgy luxe statement for itself which I love, and have been looking for since the start of season 2 on Gossip Girl (I’m still working on my Blair inspired style, adapted to me and my own style, that is)

A bunch of citric flavour sweets… for the third consecutive week. I wonder if my coughs are going to stop at some point.

The candy I received from my partner in the Mediterranean Area. How sweet of him to bring me sweets. Double Sweet week.

The first Frapuccino of the season… yummy. And the first peach too… loved’em both.


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MR dijo...

Hola Agnes, guapa... ¡¡¡¿¿¿De dónde es ese collar tan chulíííísimo!!!??? Jajjaja
¡¡¡Quiero uno igual!!! jajajaj
Genial post, un besito!!!
Marián, de

Agnes dijo...

De una tienda que hay cerca de la calle goya... te puedo buscar el nombre. Pero te adelanto que sólo hay uno... está hecho por los de la tienda y es único :)