lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

5 senses Monday XVII


As mentioned in a previous post, the horses bull fighting. Love them. I really find it somehow poetic to watch. To see what I'm talking about, see previous posts.

Indi fighting the vacuum cleaner... like mad. I thinks he believes it's some kind of moster or something... really don't know. The best part is that he gets all scared once you turn it off, which is absolutely absurd considering he's been trying to bight it at least 10 times when it was on.

Here, have a look:


One of my friends talking nonsens about work and taxes, when he hasn't got the former, so he doesn't need to pay the latter. The conversation changed to some other topics, but I couldn't help but feel totally disconnected. I felt SO OLD for like... 15 minutes. It was pretty terrible.

That I'm doing an awesome job as the Mediterranean Area Catman Associate... (I invented the title myself, since I'm a Category Manager Associate, and I'm the representative of the Mediterranean Area at the office). It really sounds good... doesn't it?


Just brewed coffee on a cold, cold, cold wednesday afternoon.
Simply put: heaven.

My Mum's cocido... OMG... that wonderful smell fills the kitchen and makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


Absolutely freezing cold during the whole week. Where's the spring, seriously? it must be pretty bad since most of my friends had something about the horrible weather on their facebook statuses. Most of us are simply wondering where the h*ll de sun went.
Come back... NOW.


My Mum's Cocido Madrileño on a San Isidro's day. Totally castizo (I really don't know how on earth to translate that), and totally delicious. My favourite food E.V.E.R.

A terrible Sex on the Beach cocktail in Metbar (c/Diego de León). I can't talk much about their meatballs (which where far too many, even considering there where only three), or potatoes either... but, hey! there aren't many places to choose from o a Sunday night!

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