lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

5 Senses Monday XVI


Myself on the mirror after a 2 hour make up class via M.A.C. Techniques... Absolutely awesome! natural, yet elegant and gorgeous. I will be posting my notes as soon as I can for you to enjoy.

Poppies scattered around a spring landscape, filling everything with that sense of spontaniety, of happiness and colour.


Christina Aguilera's New single "Not Myself Tonight" which, besides beeing absolutey fantastic and energetic, has a kind of... dunno how to say it... "original" music video. For your eyes only:

You have to love the aesthetic, though.


Vanilla scent... I absolutely HATE it... it's so, so... sickly sweet it drives me mad. Specially when you're in a close environment like the underground, or the bus, with no breakfast and just dying for some coffee. If you care for me... discard it. NOW.

Freshe mowed grass on the hill behing our building, on the way to the bus. Summer 100%


My new M.A.C. cream blusher "Lady Brush Cream"... it looks like I've been out in the sun for a while (something totally impossible in these days or rain, wind, and NO SUN WHAT-SO-EVER... who said may ment spring?)

My self blushing naturally when taking a look at the check after my make up shopping spree at M.A.C. On my defense I'll say I bought completly useful things, that are going to last me for a loooooong time, and as the teacher said: Basic toileteries.


A Starbucks black chocolate cookie. YUM.

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Alexandra dijo...

hola guapa! acabo de ver el post de tu perrito! por dios que cosita,te juro que si fuera millonaria tendría una granjita de frenchies que vivieran todos felices y darles mucho amor, que corrieran libres y tuvieran sus casitas...ay sería mi sueño, tener mil frenchitos!

el tuyo es una monada, son todos tan lindos...tan cariñosos...sería un buen novio para Pepa jijiji

UN besazoo

Agnes dijo...

La verdad es que son monísimos... y tyan buenos! tengo fotos en el curro y todos están enamorado de él... nada, cualquier día nos ponemos y hacemos una granja!!! jajaja
Un besito para ti también