lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

5 senses Monday XV

I know I haven’t been posting much… and I apologize. I think it’s specially infuriating because even though I didn’t really feel like it, I ended up participating in the fashion blogs competition… which apparently, has ment a lot of new visits. Considering I haven’t been posting much, I guess that means most of those first timers are never going to be back *sad face*… the thing is, it’s been a stressing like hell week. Long and full of brownies, as we call them. Got out late most of the days… with tons of work still to do, so I wasn’t really in the mood to be posting anything when arriving home.
Anyways, it’s … over? But the show must go on so… here we go again


The clock strike 20:30, in my computer screen, at work… it felt like the day was never going to end. So long, so stressing. The presentation looked like it was never going to be finished, and the phone had been ringing for the whole day non stop… it was a hard day, Thursday.


The promotional items weren’t at their destination just yet, with a 2 days delay, after another colleague and myself had been practically following the itinerary first hand, minute by minute. She even talked to the truck driver, poor thing…
The big thing is, besides the whole problem, that I had been dreaming about it on Sunday night. I got up before 6 am, sweating and completely stressed out because the items weren’t arriving and then… BAM! It’s not only a dream, but your newest brownie. GREAT.


Chanel No. 5 emanating from Telva magazine, from that luxurious inserted advertisement torn in a hundred little white carton strips. Once you open the magazine on that particular page, they create a wonderful 3D effect that happens to smell “old” and wonderful


The texture of my new M.A.C. gloss, “Pink Lemonade”… totally charming and inn.

Myself higher on my platform shoes from Sonia Rykiel for H&M. They must be like 10cm high, and look absolutely gorgeous on. The fact that everybody kept talking to me about how gorgeous they made me look king of helped too.

Absolutely disconnected from a tremendously extenuating and stressed week with my favorite freaks. M. and A., you guys really know how to make me spend a wonderful time. I always have so much fun around you! I really appreciated what you said about me to, A.


A wonderful piece of Nordic salmon at the new gourmet corner at the Corte Inglés de Goya… so tasteful!
The place it’s absolutely awesome too, by the way, with a fantastic bakery, a place for oyster&champagne, a chocolate (GODIVA!!) corner, and a little place for sorbets and milks shakes… see the pictures underneath.


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