lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

5 senses Monday XIX


Glee going Gaga. SO WORTH IT. So much fun!! It really is one of the best tv series!

"Two Lovers"... what a terrible movie! I mean, Joaquin Phoenix is such an amazing actor (so sexy too, even when playing the mad guy), but the movie was pretty boring, and bizarre, and... obscure. I don't know.

Myself in my new look: shorter chocolate brown hair. I have stil a bit of trouble looking myself in the mirror, not because I don't like it (cause I really do) but because I need to get used to it. A. says I looked sophisticated... whatever!


John, from K UK, speaking English... Brit accents give me a high everytime I have the chance to listen to them.
John, asking me where I've learned my English, since at some points during conversation, when I forgot I was Spanish, it was "real English". It was weird, but charming at the same time.

Poker Face sung by the Glee Cast (well, Lea Michelle, actually). SO.IMPRESSIVE.


Indi on my lap trembling like mad on the way to the vet. Not even when he knows it's for nothing serious he can help being so frightened. He brakes my heart.


Closed and... yuk! after the international Category Management meeting. OMG... those long meetings can really smell for themselves once they're finished!


M. 25th birthday cake. and all the food she got for us at the party... So good. And the whole night was so much fun! I'm really glad and happy she shared the date with me... such a good friend.

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