sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Today I'm wearing...Romantic Navy Rock meets Chinese

I had a little get-together with my Xinitos. I don't know why, but whe really seem unable to meet altogether other than once a year. There're exceptions, as everywhere else, and I get to see some of my closest people from the crowd more often, but otherwise, we are incapable or anything different. So anyway... we met in a semi-chinese restaurant (more like a Oriental meets moder Occidental kind of thing), we caught up, and we had fun.

So, since there are some pretty different styles in the group, I decided to go for a twist and mix upa little bit, resulting in something resembling Romantic Navi Rock. If that even exists... it would be something resembling the outfit portraited. Romantic for the skirt, navy for the T-shirt and headband, and rock for the sandals and handbag.

So, what do you think?

Sandals: Blanco
Skirt: Charro
T-shirt: Breshka
Headband: Little Fille


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Home is where you hang your hat dijo...

Hola, te he conocido a través del concurso Marie Claire, ¡suerte!

Agnes dijo...

Me alegro, sé bienvenida y date un paseo por aquí, y opina!

Un saludo