domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Life: Sometimes Unfair. Sometimes Tough

Most of the times life is joyful, nice, happy. Or at least bearable.

And sometimes life is tough, difficult, sad, and very, very, very unfair.

My nephew, age 1 year and a half, died on Saturday. Daughter of one of my second degree cousins, she was born with some cardiac problems that she had been strongly overcoming ever since. Later on Thursday, she arrived at the hospital with an infection that had nothing to do with her disease. And infection that turned out to be meningitis.
On Friday, she went into a coma, one she wouldn’t wake up from. I don’t think there’s anything more tough, or sadder, than having to let go you little child because there’s no other solution. No other answer. Something more difficult than having to let her go, because it’s the best.

I am deeply shocked, and extremely sorry for my cousins, who have been in a rough patch for a while now. A couple of lovely, caring, good people, that have already suffered enough. I simply don’t get it why so many bad things have had to happen to them. My deepest condolences from here, thrown to space, and my better wishes for that lovely angel that has left us this weekend.

On the other side of the feeling area, to contrast this entire horrible event, I got to take care and babysit another of my cousins children. Aged 6 and 8, I couldn’t help but feel the contrast between the feelings of Friday, and what was I experiencing right then with them: happiness and joy, and plain amazement at what children can teach us.

So it was kind of a rollercoaster weekend for me. What I get to extract is that these events, however difficult, make you grow as a person. And however derivative it may sound, they also make you look at life differently, making you want to achieve more things, and to extract more of it in case destiny brings anything else to the plate.

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