martes, 20 de abril de 2010

I have to admit, Carine Roitfeld Gives me the chills

I might admire her work (and envy it, deeply, madly), but to be perfectly honest… I really don’t like her THAT much. I think she’s too slim, too aggressive, too… TOO MUCH. I think she could manage to wash her hair once in a while… I mean, come on! Has anyone seen her?

I won’t deny she’s stylish (she even styles most of the photo shoots for her magazine, which I have to say are modern, artsy, aggressive and just gorgeous), or that she wears wonderful clothes (and shoes! My god!) I won’t discuss what an amazing job she does on Vogue Paris (or Vogue France, as it should be known… something that tells you a lot of the personality of both the magazine and its editor in chief), but I think she doesn’t have… a very clean image. Starting with her hair, which is always kind of all over her face and it’s so very straight it looks artificial, following by the fact that she wears a deep kohl shade around her eyes, I think she looks like she’s having kind of a perpetual hangover. Many say her style lives in that thin (very thin) line between provocative and vulgar. I really have to agree. I know I’m totally out of line here, I mean, hordes of people will probably star commenting down here on how much of a bad person I am for not just being devoted to her. But the fact is, I don’t get HER. I get her looks (which are the quintessence of the modern French Chic, a marvelous mix between expensive and cheap, of simple but exhuberant), I get her attitude, but not her.

I do not like comfortable,” is something that has been heard several times from her, and to just prove her point, she has banned sneakers and what she calls “Hugg boots” in her office because “they are hugly.” According to “Devil wears Prada”, wasn’t that supposed to be Anna Wintour?

Another gem coming directly from her lips, and that shoes just how much she takes personal care on the styling on her office too: “I told you, all the girl who work at French Vogue are vewy skinny and beautiful.” (Great, another place I won’t be working in)

I let you here with some evidence of that sort of decay I don’t like very much on her, so you can all judge by yourselves.

For those of you who don’t know her, Carinne Roitfeld, in words of NY Magazine, has been the editor-in-chief of French Vogue for the past seven years, ever since she took over from the cerebral Joan Juliet Buck.

Roitfeld got her start at French Elle as a teenager in the late seventies, basically dissecting her own look for readers. But it was not until the nineties that the look developed by Carine Roitfeld, executed by Tom Ford, and photographed by Mario Testino went global. Tom Ford, her longtime collaborator, took over first at Gucci and later at Yves Saint Laurent as well, and brought Roitfeld along as his muse.

Roitfeld then went to Vogue and remade the French Issue in her own image, which is to say svelte, tough, luxurious, and wholeheartedly in love with dangling-cigarette, bare-chested fashion. In fact, she stopped calling it French Vogue but instead, Paris Vogue.

Expressions from Mrs. Roitfeld and some facts, curtesy of

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