jueves, 15 de abril de 2010


This week is proving to be a very profitable one... lots of things have been comming from my multiple on-line shopping (which has to stop about NOW), and with which I'm so exited:

First, my Moisés De La Renta (aka Mr. Oscar de la Renta's son) T-Shirt from Mango Online shop. SO TERRIFIC! it's black bleached with so many stones and things going on on the top... a real jewel t-shirt, I must say, as you can see in the picture. I just love it... and you can't find it (at least by now) in any store! believe me, I checked... which is also a plus factor too.

The thing is, the other day, on my way to a wonderful and fun coffee and just before my Amazone spree, when I discovered the T-Shirt collection on a nearby Mango store, I bought another of the T-shirts. The more awesome one, I thought, of the ones displayed (I hadn't seen the other one online yet), which I bought.
White and with a painted cord embelished with dark stones, I thought it was quite cute. Now I am wondering wether to return it or not... I really can't decide. Help on this matter will be appreciated.

Then was my Amazon packs. "Freakonomics" + "The secret diary of Anne Boleyne" was followed a day after by "The Fashion Book"... a strange combination, I must confess. But hey! that's the way I am... a sucker for the Tudor Era, and a Fashionista to be (I really need to start a good collection of fashion books in order to be a true Glamazone *blink*). As for "Freakonomics", what can I say? I'm a freak, and an economist, and my friend M. told me ir was a good book, so...

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