lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

5 senses Monday XIII


Glee... AGAIN. It has returned!!! YEAH!!!

White tulips under the Cibeles Fountain... so wonderful


The padel racket again. Was it really 8 years ago that I stopped playing? it really FEELS like it for the way I felt like dying after a few runs. Then again, I felt absolutely fantastic after our first class (So much fun!)& Tremendously sore the day after... ha.

Exhausted after my tuesday out.


The alarm off at 4:30AM Tuesday morning. All I could think about was "This HAS to be a joke, I haven't slept THAT much!"

Stories told by my nephews (6 and 8), specially learning the new everything about the impresionists and Van Gogh... aren't children just amazing?


Chinese food with my nephews... it kind of tasted different.

Tears of sadness in the brink of my tongue, threatening to scape by just imagining what my cousins are suffering after the weekend's event.


After a huge storm, and a looks-like-it's-never-going-to-start-raining day, the pine trees on the way home. It brings back memories of summers in the Escorial, in an age when all that mattered was who you were sitting with at the pool. Cool people have always existed... and our wish to be like them too.

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