lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

5 Senses Monday XII


The 4 towers iluminated another crazy night. I think I prefer them by day, when the lights don't mess up their simetry and they shine with the sun.

The latest episode of Gossip Girl, "Inglorious Bassterds". Best yet... too much mushiness was boring me intensly. Welcome back drama, tense situations, Eric, and... DOROTA!!! I can't help buth laugh out loud when remembering her with the fake gun.


My new handbag... the glorious, ever classic (happy anniversary!) Amazona from Loewe. I nearly exploded of happiness when leaving the shop at Gran Vía (the forst one, by the way, which seemed almost too perfect for the shopping in process)


"You! me! dancing!" from Los Campesinos. So full of energy it makes me want to jump in the street.

The fact that my Big Boss thinks about me... even though I don't really get to speak to him much, besides in social events. Does that make any sense?


A wonderful chocolate fondant in Wagaboo... it was a really good one, I must say, even if the check wasn't THAT good.


Green grass on a sunny day. Feels like spring. Smells like spring

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