lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

5 senses Monday XI

Sometimes I think I just live to publish 5 senses Mondays... but anyway, as life goes on, I'll sure return to publishing more often... inspiration is just not hitting right now.


A sunset by the sea. Always peaceful. Always diferent. But always wonderful.

The complete set of star in the night's sky. One of the advantages of a lack of civilization lights.


Vanilla perfume. I hate it! so sweet, it's awful. If you love me... don't use it!!
Green grass first, Olive oil a while after... sometimes, the road has this wonderful moments of smelleing sensations.


Tsun Zao beer after... has it been two years ago already? sure time runs fast. It brought me back such wondeful memories, right @alosanz? those sweet nights in China, surrounded my wonderful Xinitos. As I've said before, the best trip of my life.


Feeling a bit let down after going to Loewe to pick up the handbag I had reserved: a wonderful Heritage hanging bag... SO SMALL!!! I though it was bigger, and for the purpose I was looking for, it just wasn't ok.

Touching the awesome mini Amazona bag, in chocolate brown brilliant goat leather. After a quick survey at Twitter, it will definitely be mine.


A dinning table full of laughs and good humour. It's been a while, unless I count those wonderful Freak-get-togethers.
David Bisbal's "Mi princesa" recommended my a dear friend. It is a wonderful sweet song.

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