sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

I wonder...

...Why everyone, EVERYONE, seems to me worried about my love life at work.
It sucks... I know.
But I'm happy... really. And I'm serious about this.

I wonder if there's a tatoo, or something on my forehead that says "Single", and that's why everyone seems so preoccupied. Something I don't get to see, but others can, that make them talk.

First it was the Marketing for HS Manager that made a comment... which led to the Marketing for RTEC Manager to comment too (whe were together in the same room, you see, with people of Human Resources and other colleagues, who made comments too).

Then was one of the HR managers that told me it couldn't be possible that beeing as nice and valuable as I am, I was single.

And on, and on we go.
It really makes me laugh.
But sometimes it makes me a bit... tired.

I wonder.

I wish I could get a stylish boy like the one in the picture, which is courtesy of Jack&Jill blog, btw.

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