lunes, 22 de marzo de 2010

5 senses Monday IX


My nails on Double-deckered red. Awesome. Fun. "Springy"... can you really say that? I feel like it. Look what a couple of full days of sun have done to me.
The Star Wars concert... the huge screen, accompanied by the music and the rpesentation where a 360º experience, as you have seen.


My new Samsung Corby Pro... lovely in black and full of lovely applications. If only I knew how it worked... I wouldn't feel SO frustrated.
Absolutly irritated and angry after being expelled from the Movistar shop. I can't stand bad-mannered people, specially if they work as information or client attendants. GOD! if you don't know how to treat people, find yourself another job!!!


I was having a raise in my paycheck. And a huge bonus too. I can't wait to spend it. (I'm thinking about the shoulder heritage bag, from Loewe... but who knows?)
The awesome Star Wars in concert. As you have probably seen in the previous post, I had lots of fun. It was terrific.
Gaga's new single feat. Beyoncé, Telephone. So Gaga, so much fun.


A lovely piece of Sacher cake on Leo's birthday party...
An insane amount of sweets and popcorn on the concert.


Adriana (Martina's baby) on my arms... so sweet, so tender. That gorgeous smell of baby can simply make you smile.

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