viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

My excuses... and a dosage of Happy Pills

Been kind of a hectic week, this one. That's the main reason for my abscence...

Changes at work keep coming, and I must confess, Tuesday wasn't a very great day after some piece of news. But after a shower, and some thinking, I've come to realize I was wrong, and I might have been a wee bit (just a little) exaggerated. Anyways, it's wise to recognize it, so here it is. There might be some really interesting things ahead. Keep them coming!

Thursday was whole day at BCM, to visit a client. Busy day, that was. Up at 5AM, back at 6PM, bit of rest and directly on my way to Andrea's party and the last apex of the Mojito Triangle. Just AWESOME, as always. Need to come back to all three soon. Better part of the trip, besides some really interesting conversations, was visiting "Happy PillS" in CC L'Illa... that is a very interesting sweet shop concept! I have to admit, I had been willing to go ever since I found out about it on some trends magazine, but it really was amazing to see. Got a bottle of pills for myself "Against the unbereable lightness of being" which I think it's just hilarious. Thanks Agus for showing it to us!!!

And Friday... well, it happen to end up pretty busy, all mixed up with me feeling really bad after Thursday. How could I feel so hangover after only one Mojito? really have no idea... Was glad to see the French Girl again after her going back to Paris to work (we really should pay her a visit) for lunch.

Sorry for the blank week...

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