viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Fashion Friday

Lovely way to start a weekend... with a very fashionable perspective!!

First thing after work and eating, was to go and hand out my application form for my MBA. I'm glad to say, and I was much more than happy to say that the girl picking up the application forms remembered me. Wich is awesome... she said they'll call me on monday to schedule and appointment for the interview on tuesday.

Let me see how you all have your fingers crossed for me now... good job.

Night was all cold and fashion, since I went for the pre-opening of Sonia Rykiel for H&M, since I had managed to get some invitations... Got there around 9, and hour prior to the opening, because last time I attended one of these preivate shopping nights I had been way back on the queue and by the time I got to the shop, it was packed and full of crazy maniac fashionistas who where trying to grab more than to buy. It was an awesome desition, I was one of the first 20. I even got to "invite" an italian boy from Torino, Davida, who was visiting Madrid for the week and was kind of a fashionista himself. Living in Torino one has little chance to attend such events. He gave me 15 minutes of very nice conversation, him talking in Italian and English, me only English, I managed to understand his language perfectly. I guess fashion is an universal language these days.


The party was perefectly organized. Once they checked your name on THE LIST, you were free to go and shop. By the time I got in everybody was running from one place to another in dispair, grabbing everything they could. I kind of did the same, only less maniacly. I got my pullover, Marta's one, and of course, the sandals and hairbands I loved. People kept asking me where they were. Good thing is, in the middle of this mayhem, H&M's crew kept bringing clothes, attending us shoppers very nicely, and serving drinks and canapés. I'm telling you, it was awesome. They even gave us a souvenir bag when we were about to leave. There was also a prhotographer from Glamour taking pictures... he took mine with the huge bag of clothes they gave us to shop, plus some striped things on my arms, plus the awesome pink headband... I wish it appears in Glamour's new issue... my second of glory.

I'm off to sleep now. Been a fashionable hectic day...