lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

5 senses Monday IV

So, here we go again:

Glee soundtrack. Over, and over again. Some of the songs (aka Jump) just keep me moving and happy... I wish the feeling lasted for more than 4 minutes, though. I really need to get over this new timetable, ASAP.
There's also some others that I just can't keep from my head, like their version of Defying Gravity. If you're not watching Glee... well, your loss.

The ceiling change colours in the morning, in an imperfect rainbow. From the black floor, to the yellow-green turns blue-pink, not forgetting about the orange clouds, which turn lilac just before we get the blue again.

Absolutely exhausted, but happy, after the costume party on saturday. I made one hell of an Audrey! and everybody keeps telling me so... absolute happiness.

A wonderful Mojito on the third of the places that make the Mojito Triangle. I miss you at Andrea... good thing we have our mojitos.

A wonderful butifarra in Barcelona... it had been so long since I've last tasted one!

That terrible smell on the planes. I don't know if it's desinfectant or what, they just smell funny. And not precisely nice.


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