lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

5 senses Monday III

5, 6, 7, 8… NINE. What a terrible movie. I think the credits are the most interesting part of the movie (that, and Kate Hudson’s dance… and that is because I loved the theme of the song). I wonder why we didn’t ask for a refund at the end. What do you say Marta??

Lightheaded after 3 beers in a nice get together with a couple of friends on Thursday, which ended up in an unexpected, yet wonderful weekend.

All Bran Choco. It's the only cereal I've really been addicted to.
Starbucks Mocca, just befote a meeting about the Fashion Master I pretend to do. Is there anything better than a sunny day of coffee & fashion? I doubt it.

Chocolate chips cookie from Starbucks
Victor & Rolf 's Eau Mega, my new second choice of perfume (first will always be L'eau d'Issey, from Issey Miyake)

My name called out as one of the winners of the creativity contest at work for simplicity. I get two nights in a hotel for free, whenever I like, wherever I like in a wide range of selected places.

Any suitors who want to be my +1?

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Sadaofujiwarasan dijo...

Me identifico mucho con el seeing y el feeling y te envidio un poco por el premio del hearing jeje... Pasalo muy bien! Besos