martes, 2 de febrero de 2010

5 senses Monday II

Kind of forgot to write my 5 senses monday thing, with all the rollin' going on.

I'll guess it will be a 5 senses tuesday then.

The alarm clock at 6:35AM. Will I ever get used to getting up so early? I don't think so.

For every other minute of the day when I find myself walking: Glee's soundtrack is proving to be the answer. Thanks Marta for the tip!

My diet shakes again. I mean... I so need to get down a couple more kilos, and I'll be a new girl. Thank God I'm able to do 2 normal meals (out of 5) again... or I could literally cry. But it's totally worth it... I mEAN IT.

My niece's baby odour. Isn't there any possibility to bottle it up? she's so lovely with those cute eyes of her. And the way she smiles... just melts my heart.

The sun going down behind Torre Europa. So envigorating... since everyday that is the sign of my liberation from work. It's proving to be hard stuff these days... so many things to be watchful about.

The nice and super cold breeze of the morning. Wake up sunshine!

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