martes, 5 de enero de 2010

H&M's kind of brilliant strategy

I'm starting to think H&M's the only big clothing retailer who has a clue of what to do during recession... and that is saying big, considering I have always been a Zara business-lover. But the truth is they're doing great, throwing big and creative ideas on the plate in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors: Zara, Top Shop, Mango... trying to offer new things to clients, offering not only affordable fashion, but the benefit of originality. In times like this, it's what people is really looking for: something different, something new. Am I the only one to think Zara has fallen back a bit in this particular track? I mean, they're aren't doing anything extra original these days and, what's worse, they're getting more expensive by the minute...

Totally opposite to H&M, as I was saying. First were the celebrity inspired collections (with Madonna, no less), and then, special collections by impressive and uber-expensive and good designers (Lagerfeld, Cavalli, Victor&Rolf, Rykiel, Choo...). One could have thought: what else could they do? well, the answer is this: ECO FRIENDLY CLOTHING. And not only eco-friendly, but also, nice. Here are some examples.

The collection will come in stores on March 25th 2010 and cost the same as ordinary H&M clothes, which is even more brilliant.

Source: Maren

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