sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

Dream come true


I got it!

After years of yearning, of infructuous shopping trips to my 2 favourite shops, of trying after trying... I got it: My very own Paul & Joe Dress.

I got it on my 2nd favourite shop, on it's private sales for VIP clients. Mum found it in a rack, thought it was cute, and showed it to me. Best thing was, she didn't know the brand, and I didn't notice either, but the minute I pulled the zipper down. I couldn't help but smile like the Chesire Cat only only of the posibillity of it fitting me.

And now it's mine.

My very own Paul & Joe Dress.
Size 38 (when I'm a 42)
And on sales, no less.
This must be a sign: It'ps going to be a Hell of year.

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