miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

Disconnection. ASAP.

Week keeps being extremely busy. Both physically and mentally. Today was the day our trainee was supposed to arrive, and I’m supposed to be in charge of his induction time, with no direction whatsoever from my boss, who’s away. I feel like totally out of my league, lost, since I want to do it right but don’t know where to start.

There’s also the fact that I’m thinking about asking for a transport wage or something, since I need more than an hour to get to work and, once there: a five minute walk to the bathroom (which, summing all the comings and goings, is a whole lot of time), 3 to get to the kitchen, other 3 every time I need to throw something away (there are no bins next to each place, but a recycling area near the kitchen), couple more every time I go to the locker (and 2 more back)… and so and so.

I feel like I spend my working day walking from one place to another. Tiring.

I feel like disconnecting for, don’t know… a couple of days or something. But can’t.

Thank God when I came home tonight I found a lovely package waiting for me…
My Little Fille headband has arrived!!! And it came with a teeny tiny ring too (which I wasn’t expecting). I'll try it on sometime and upload some pictures. Cause it's lovely.
So it kind of lifted my spirits a little.
Just a little.

2morrow, more and better, I hope.

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