jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Decisions, Impulses, Questions, wishes...

Lot of changes have been going on lately at work. People leaving, positions changed… we’re in the verge of moving to new offices too. Everything looks estrange, and hectic, and terribly calm at the same time, the very same kind of calm that comes before a storm. This has me full of uncertainty.
Which leads to nerves, and... impulsive behavior?
Which is bad… these days.

I’ve got decisions to make.
Well, not really. Actions to take are more likely the truth. The decision is already done. Another step into that dream-to-be-career of mine, I’ll tell you about it when it’s more like a certainty, and not only a mere wish.

There are questions unresolved: What is there to happen in my future? What am I to expect? What should I do? How should I approach it? It’s neither easy nor comfortable, and that is precisely why I’ve been delaying it for a month now. Thankfully, when the girls new about it (it’s been a secret for months now, discretion is a must) decided to give me a hand with it, and apparently are not going to leave me alone until I’ve done it. Which is good.

There are also wishes. Of things to happen, of things to change. By tomorrow, I’ll know if these have come true.
Let’s keep hoping.

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