lunes, 18 de enero de 2010


Morning seems to start by fits and starts:
Breakdown and delay at the underground, in Line 9.
No B1 tickets at Plazaca's interchange.
Huge traffic jam just around the 4 towers...

I raise my glance, sweaty because of anxiousness and the logic rush of every first, but I can see nothing but fogg and the normal obsucrity of the hour. Clock strickes 08:13am, and I just wish for the day not to be as long as it promises.

To top it all, my Ipod has not syncronized correctly. I plug my headphones in, trying to disconnect myself from such a dreadful morning, to find that my latest adquisitions (late yesterday night Glee OST songs), are nowhere to be seen. An impulsive scan shows that my favourite list, with more than 50 titles yesterday, holds no more than 20 today. Another quick look and I find that my lovely Itouch has not syncronized any author beyond letter D.

D is for desperate.

Seems like error #13019, haunting me for days, is graver than I thought.

Once I get to the new offices (40 minutes later), I finally find out where my locker is: up high int the last shelf... Just MY LUCK.

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