jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

It's the end of a decade

Wow... who might have told? I mean... It feels like yesterday when all of us talked about 2010 as a far, far away future full of... futuristic things? and here we are now, with no astronautical clothes (but living an 80's revival) or super-advanced technology thingis here and there (other than Iphone, I mean).

10 years ago, I was 16, thinking I was going to be a doctor, and with a bunch of friends who are nowhere to be seen now (not offence meant, just a statement of facts) - a phew exceptions, that is. Today, a decade later, I’m no doctor (but work in a fast consumer goods company, and considering to change my focus), I have a bunch of new friends (and a couple of the old and very good ones), and a Dog.

Since going back a decade would get us really tired and feeling like Hell, I’ll just mention some things that made 2009 an important one… so here we go:

First of all, it has been the year of Indi’s arrival… that cute little Frenchie Dog has won my heart, and owns it ever since I first met it.

It was the year of more speeches in front of a huge group of people… (I’m starting to get the knack of it! - and hell if I like it…- ); the year of Rome (finally!) and London, and hence the star t of my I-hope-to-be-career in fashion; The first wedding of a girl of my university group… clock’s already ticking!; The beginning of a Club, and my exit of the Board some days ago; The meeting of Elio Berhanyer; The missing of a Corazonada.... A year in which I changed of boss a couple of times; I bought my first pair of expensive Hermès shoes; The year I got a fringe!!!!!

2009, year of my discovery of The Tudors and headbands, Twitter, Fashion’s Night Out… and so many other things.

Thanks to all for coming with me in this wonderful journey. Thanks for giving me moments and surprises, for being there, for listening, for everything.

Special thanks to my family, Indi, and my friends; specially to Clara (for 10 years of friendship – looks like us too are turning up a decade!!), to Marta, Álvaro, Esther, Carmen & Leo (and Iria, the Twins, and the rest), Pperra from the distance, Macu, Rafa & Andrea, The girls @ work & Gerardo, Susana (so many lessons), Karin (if is only from Facebook), Membri (for achieving a dream that didn’t come true for me, but of which I’m so proud of), Julito adnd Kika and Laura… and so many others. As I said, thanks for the journey… lets just hope for more in the next decade.

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