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Jamie Cullum's THE PURSUIT

Having had the chance to get my hands on a copy of the CD before it’s release next week, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to write a review, so all of you can have it before the final release.

Jamie Cullum’s The Pursuit is an awesome CD, I’d risk the chance and say it’s the best his done yet. Very personal, very intimate, I’ve learned in his podcast that he took the time to produce it, ignoring the constant nagging of his record label just after the release of the CD before this one. He took a year off, he played with friends and other musicians, learned what he wanted to do, and leave for the US to do it. The result is a compilation of songs so absolutely Jamie, so tremendously not, that anyone could enjoy. I variety of styles and rhythms that looks like a musical rollercoaster.

“Just one of those things” is a typical Jamie Cullum song: slow at the beginning but rapidly turning a jazzy-rhythmical song that could have come straight from the Sinatra’s era. Piano, drums and trumpets all around… way to start a CD with energy.

Then comes “I’m all over it” first released single of The Pursuit, and a little bit different to what Jamie’s got us accustomed. Up and down, quick and slow, like I said, a rollercoaster.

After the single, down comes “Wheels”, slower and more acoustic, less sung and more rhythmic, with a piano tune that repeats itself on and on, giving absolute sense to the title of the song.

“If I ruled the World” is a complete surprise after the other 3, and yet, not really, since the songs have been losing strength one by one until this very moment, when we are presented with a slow list of desires of the perfect world out of Jamie’s mind. I have to say it is absolutely relaxing, and utterly lovely. The kind of song I would listen spread in bed and surrounded by candles looking for a spa moment.

“You and me are gone” picks up pace again bringing up a kind of cabaret rhythm full of piano and palms and a sticky ritmo that has your head bobbing and your feet following the tune in seconds. Jamie’s solo just shows us how much he enjoys doing this, getting your head full of music… gone, gone, gone to a piano bar you are.

Next comes a new and completely different version of Rihanna’s hit “Don’t stop the music”, and I have to admit I kind of prefer it to the original. Much more intimate, way sexier, it makes me think of those moments you are alone with someone you fancy, very close, and everything is about to happen (or maybe nothing). That moment you’re so close you could almost touch, when you’re there but far far away at the same time.

“Love ain’t gonna let you down” is another slow song, but wit a bit of a soul-based twist. One you would expect The Supremes to sing, but that melts perfectly with Jamie’s broken kind of voice. You wouldn’t be surprised to turn around and find 3 black chorus girls covered in paillettes doing the choruses.

“Mixtape” is a quicker number, an unusual vintage based love song that brings back that fashionlivingly and unforgettable era in which tapes were awfully hot, and we would mix and match 16 choice songs that it took forever to decide. One of my favourites in the CD, with “Don’t stop the music” and the single.

“I think, I love” is a beautiful cheek to cheek song, one I could easily imagine playing on the CD “Ella for lovers” from Ella Fitzgerald. Only thing is, the lyrics tell you it isn’t, for there are modern and to the date. Tender, sweet, and classic jazz all over, it’s the tune you want to hear on a romantic date.

“We run things” is a rhythmic song mixing both jazz and electronic sounds. A bit more aggressive than the rest of the CD, it contrasts enormously with the previous tune, making it sound stronger and full of strength.

“Not while I’m around” goes back to Jamie’s essential. The piano beginning is awesome, and it sounds amazingly personal and attached to Jamie. His voice, more broken than ever in this lyrics, make this a heartbreaking and wonderful love song, one typical Jamie.

“Music is through” closes the CD impeccably. Slowly rising from the quite beginning, it keeps adding sounds in the first minute until the pace is set. It is also a very typically Jamie song… makes me think if he decided to put everything new at the beginning, so as to surprise us all, and the slowly return to what we expected.

In any case… I loved it.

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