lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

Things I love about autumn

1: START OF A NEW SEASON – a new beginning. This year I’ll learn how to drive, and keep my room tidier. I’ll travel more and plan my Master. I’ll continue my way towards fashion.

2: COLDER WEATHER – in fashion as well as in life. Not only the colors suit me so much better, it’s always the perfect excuse to change your wardrobe, especially when your slimmer and you have to get new clothes anyway!! There’s also the fact that you get to be able to show off so much more: gloves, scarves, hats, jumpers, shirts, shoes and tights… shall I go on?

In life, I always say that I love the first gulp of cold air when I exit home first thing in the morning. It keeps me up and going, it gives me energy…

3: READING – so many books, so little time (and so little money… I feel like my Amazon account is going up up up!!!). Come cold, and nothing feels as good as a cup of good coffee and a book.

4: HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS – Autumn is definitely high season, especially now that I haven’t seen most of them all summer (that’s the thing when you’re the only one working… the rest tend to have way too long vacations for my taste :P).

5: BLOGGING – and facebook and twitter. Summer is always a vacation (not really but sort of) from the computer. I get guilt trips every time I’m sitting in front of the computer when the sun is shining outside. But come Autumn it’s all rain and cold weather, which means a lot of me-time inside…

6: NEW SEASONS ON MY FAVOURITE TV SHOWS: From Gossip (OMG, don’t you simply LOVE Chuck???) to Grey, pausing in my new acquisitions: Project Runway is simply AWESOME.

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