lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Happy Birthday Indi

Indi is my french bulldog... a Christmas present last year for my brother, he has ever since conquered our hearts... Even at the risk of sounding cheesy.

Ok... since it's better an image than a million words, I'll leave you here some pictures to celebrate his 1st birthday!

This was the picture that got us to buy him...

He was so small, he used to fit in my hands.

His favourite siesta place: on my legs... (keeps being like that nowadays)

He's got the cuttest face...

And even my grandma, who doesn't like dogs, fell in love with him and knitted him a jumper

Here he is with Coffee, his best friend

Looking dandy on his Aberdoggie & Fitch Sweatshirt and his raining coat

Having fun in Marbella...

And sunbathing too...

But THIS, has to be my favourite picture:

Isn't he cute?

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