viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

Fashion Night Out In Madrid... 2

Yesterday I had such a lovely time with Marta at Madrid's First Fahion Night Out.

We met early at Serrano (still looking like someone was trying to find a treasure or something) and started on our "present route" right away.

First was Carolina Herrera, which was a total failure. Not only the shop assistants where nasty, but they also managed to be selfish enough to not give the present they promised to those who were wearind read lipstick (us included), but to scare people off. Not even the lovely champagne and maccaroons would keep us in there! shame on them.

Marta & I after our make up session at Hoss Intropia

Thanks that right after that we found ourselves beeing extremly well treated at Hoss Intropia (where we were invited to make up thanks to Bobby Brown), given lovely presents in shops near by (Prada, YSL, La Perla - which had a living model on their window-), and enjoying ourselves terribly inspite of the big ol' holes in the street.


After that we moved to Las Salesas Area, once again to check out the shops there, and pay a visit to my favourite shops Benny Room and Yube which, of course, didn't disappoint at all. We even got to meet the boys behind Trancas y Barrancas!

Even though we were tired, I managed to convince Marta to come with me to take a look at the Vip tent at Ortega y Gasset. OMG it was packed! Chanel had a huge queue at the door, all the shops were in full swing, everything was gorgeous! But we were tire, and once we had a look around, we went for our goodie bag and ran home (with a couple of shopping stops that resulted in not a little amount of bagas and more goodies...)

Ortega y Gasset's TV

Chanel's queue

Everyone was trying to get their hands of one of the Missoni special occasion cheap handbags, but they were already gone by the time we got there.

An awesome night, all in all, and that considering we didn't have a golden ticket (which granted access to the VIP areas)

Awesome iniciative VOGUE!

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