lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Diary of a wonderful haircut

(as a contrast to Marta’s dreadful one… seems like universe needs an equilibrium)

Friday, 16:30. Day 0

My hairdresser says, after 6 years of continuous no’s, she’ll cut me a fringe.
My mum cringes over the phone at the idea. Calls my dad.
He calls back 2 hours later, only to find out it’s too late for a change.


I have to say… I love it. And my parents do too.
The picture uploaded to facebook counts 16 comments on the new haircut… everybody seems to think it’s both fashionable and chic, and that it looks cool on me.

I couldn’t be happier.

Sunday, 21:00. Day 2

I wash my hair, and try to blow-dry it myself. I dread for the worst.
What if the fringe doesn’t end straight enough? What if I’m not able to do it right?... could it be a complete disaster???
Only thing is, after some time of blow-drying, it doesn’t look bad at all. I iron it and it looks better still. Seems like it was a good decision after all.

Monday, 12:30. Day 3

By this time, everybody has seen my new haircut at work. I even had visits for those who hadn’t.
Everybody loves it. Some people even think I look better like this.
More say it’s very fashionable.
Even more look surprised that I’m able to straight it so professionally…
One says I look coy…

It’s a success!

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