lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009

Empty fridge & other matters

Don’t know what’s tougher… that I’m actually back to work or that none of 2 best friends are going to be there when I’m back.

The latter, I’m sure. Been reading the 300 mails that were awaiting me at work when I see a couple of e-mails from them… with their goodbyes. Ah. Miss them already, and I have only be back for a couple of hours.

AnSunday was re-insertion day: relaxing, unpacking, getting Paris Vogue and buying a couple of somethings to eat. Or at least to fill my fridge… believe me, there’s nothing sadder than an empty fridge, seriously. By the time I arrived on Saturday, it was far too late to even think about going shopping, so, even though I knew it was going to be empty, I still wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see when I opened it. I could count 7 eggs, 6 yogurts, butter, some jamón serrano, a packet of ready-to-eat prawns and… that was much about it. So… Yeah… Sunday morning was all about finding a shop to get some things into my fridge and don’t feel utterly depressed every time I opened it. Problem was, being Sunday, and an august Sunday, that was proving to be a little bit difficult. Finally I resolved to go to an Opencor (375days/24hrs) to by the strictly necessary, so as not to spend an outrageous amount of money in feeding myself. Tonight, I resolved, after work, would be an entirely different matter.

Anyway, life must go on.

Only know shopping was done... well food shopping, that is. I end up admiring a wonderful tartan trench in Mango, and trying a few other things there. Then down the street to Blanco and... well, I kind of totally fall in love with a pair of studded sandals for the a/w season of a poster, which I frantically search through the shop. It takes me a couple of minutes to locate them, and a couple more to get a pair, grab a wonderful and an abstract coloured skirt and go into the changing room. The effect is wonderful. Coupled with the top I'm wearing (a black frilled one) and the sandals (so in they hurt: punk, studded, and with a buckle... what else do I need?), the skirt looks just perfect, and I end up taking both.

I'm so happy I have to share, so I call the Opositora, packing at home, and get to her house to chat. She's leaving for a cruise tomorrow, and I won't see her fol long. A call from one of the Twins means pincho & caña for the 3 os us, and by the time I get home, I'm so happy by the improvisation, that I don't care I'll have to get a salad from the deli down at work to eat tomorrow.

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