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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a Harry Potter Movie for those who haven’t read Harry Potter.

I know…. Big thing to say. Totally honest too. And considering I have just read the book, and watched the film twice in a week (both in English and Spanish), I can consider myself an authority on this matter. Thus, this critic.

So, yes, I liked it, found it really entertaining. Absolutely wonderful at times, funny in many moments (Harry in Felicis is utterly hilarious), but strikingly confusing and disappointing in many others.


For those of us who have read the book, well, honestly, if you’re looking forward a faithful reproduction you will be disappointed. HP & The Half Blood Prince is a sugar coated version of the book with missing scenes and added ones that leaves us, faithful-freak-HP-readers asking for much more. Once that is said, however, if you decide, like I did, to forget about the book and watch the movie, I can assure you it will surely entertain you.

I jumped in my seat with delighted pleasure with the first few minutes of the movie, when we first encounter the magnificent catastrophe that London has become. Amazing scene. Not to mention that awesome part of the movie that contemplates the trip between Dumbledore and Harry to the cave in which the third Horcrux waits. Possibly the best scene of the movie.

Told you already, there’s also a bit of humour: I could hardly suppress my laughs with some of Harry’s and Ron retorts, the one of Aragog’s scary pincers included, and some other funny things that happened.

Nevertheless, as I told you, I find there are some things that completely differ from the book, giving it little “credibility”. This is where I get strict, mind you. And again: SPOILERS AHEAD!

I would have honestly erased a couple of scenes such as the encounter Ginny/Harry/and his shoelaces (Merlin’s beard… where on earth did that come from????), Lavs Ron-illness, and certainly, most certainly, a totally invented scene in which The Burrow is devastated.

Message for the Director (with all due respect): WTF?????!!!!! The Burrow?? Honestly! You had better things to show to put a little action in: Does the war in the Castle ring a bell? The one in which everybody fights and has a role?? Hellloooooo!!!

Without this crucial scene, as you may notice, Ron and Hermione have very little to do on the film other than appear, the DA is nowhere to be seen, and we barely have a glimpse of the Order at all. Cool, huh?

And the kiss between Ginny and Harry... SOOO FRUSTRATING!!! we wanted the emotion, the surprise, the fireworks of the book. Where were they??? a hidden teeny kiss on an empty room? HONESLTY

Another thing I sincerely didn’t like, and was quite a bit irritated about, was the final scene in which Dumbledore dies. According to the book, Harry is prettified, so while everything happens, he is incapable of doing anything because of the charm, which is something he regrets. He’s invisible too, so he has to see everything while he can’t act at all, leaving him completely devastated and powerless. On the movie, nevertheless, it’s totally different. Harry is told by Dumbledore to go downstairs and promise to do nothing. And here is the surprising thing: he complies. He does nothing while Draco tries to kill Albus, nor when the Deatheaters appear, and absolutely anything after Snape (who, according to the books, he totally despises, hates, and doesn’t trust) tells him too stay put. Honestly, he looks like a complete coward, which is absurd.

There, I said it. All.

So that is pretty much my critic.

Did I like the movie?
- Without reading the book: Yes, I did, very much.
- Having read it, well… some bits yes, some others no.

But it was very entertaining… it only lets me wondering whether they’ll decide the Deaths of so many characters in the last book is as unimportant as the ones in the Half Blood where…what do you think?

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