martes, 9 de junio de 2009

Taxi, Taxi

I’ve been travelling by taxi lately. At night, mostly, but not exclusively. I used to take them only to come back from my nights out… being my house where it is and all, that no night bus reaches. But ever since I started working, and started travelling, for instance, time has been changing from tremendously early, to mid-afternoon-I’m-exhausted trips.

It’s not cheap (specially when you want to go to or from the Airport), but I have to admit I delight myself in the fact that I can lay there, thinking, while my life is taken elsewhere. Guess I would be a happier person with a town car… (Chuck Bass, you can offer me yours. If it comes with you in the backseat, that is).

Anyway… writing this post (on the taxi, in my ever present notebook), I’ve come to realize that I’ve made big decisions on taxis. Come to terms with my life too. Lost earrings, tried to stay put, fantasized about the person next to me… work related things too. Although I think my favourite times on taxis are those in which the driver just keeps quiet, and I can let go and let my thoughts run free looking through the open window, wind on my face.

Come to think of it, taxis have kind of a romantic feeling too. Don’t you think?


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Marta dijo...

Who would have thought... but you are totally right!