miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Terminal 4

This morning, on my way to Barcelona for a Business Trip, I found myself observing a very curious sign on T4 Madrid-Barajas. A sign that located 3 very different subjects in the same direction:
- The toilets
- The conference rooms
- The chapel/Oratory

And I couldn’t help myself to realise that maybe, just maybe, priorities for people are not as clear as they use to be, and we are kind of mixing everything up these days… hence the sign.

Is that so?

Anyway, it kind of surprised me to find all these 3 things thrown together in the same space... they're not the kind of topics I'll mix up... on a sign. Right?

The meeting went well... it'll probably result in a good thing or two for my objectives for this year... but lets be conservative here, ok?

2 comentarios :

Marta dijo...

Good pic!!

I just wanted to tell you 3 things:

1.- Yesterday's walk did me a hell of good.
2.- Thanks for being my most supportive follower


3.- You are an amazing friend and I'm glad I have you just one click away!!!!!


Agnes dijo...

Thanx! sometimes you find inspiration in the weirdest places...

About those three things:
1. I'm glad, that was the point :)
2. You're welcome, hopefully I'll be able to congratulate you seriously soon enough
and 3. Thanks, it's an honour to here that. I feel the same way about you too!!