viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

What would Jackie do?

Ever since I met Blair Waldorf (way before any of my friends started anticipating Monday nights for Gossip), I had to admire her style. She’s by far my favourite character on the show, not only for her attitude (she’s the most fun to watch, together with Mr. Chuck) but for that wonderful way she has to put an outfit together, gorgeous and perfect even when her life is being torn apart, inspired by wonderful and stylish ladies such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. So ever since then, which more or less coincided with the moment I was being more active about my style change (and about my diet too), I have let myself be inspired by her. And so… headbands entered my closet, as well as more dresses and skirts.

Anyway… there’ll more time for that another day. This, is the story of a perfect bargain, and an outfit that became perfect too. After promising a friend from work I would act as her stylist any day, we scaped a little early from work to go shopping. And so we did. While she picked and picked several garments, I let myself only look (after all, I have been indulging myself way too much for the last month) until I saw it, that is. There it was, a wonderful black&white cotton jacket, abandoned between plaid shirts. Tried it on, and… TARAAAAAAA miracle.

Perfect size, perfect price (15€) and with my newest black pencil skirt, a perfect outfit altogether. And I’m not the one just saying it… every single person at work that got a close look at it, said I just looked like Jackie O. Which I have to say, I loved.



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