martes, 28 de abril de 2009


You say I look prettier… do I, really? Don’t know. So you say.

Maybe it’s just that I have finally started to find my own style… which was always avoiding me, escaping like water through my fingers. Maybe it’s just that finally, FINALLY, I have begun to realise it… to understand it: It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it, the way it reflects who you are, what you do.

I read it standing on the subway, hiding behind my Clear Aviator Ray Bans, and I realise that it may be exactly that… cause let’s be honest here, what else is there?? It’s not the weight loss, or the haircut… people had started the “you look prettier” thing a little before. But ever since I decided fashion was going to be my thing (and not only in a theoretical way, but as a future), I also decided to invest in better, more selected clothes and accessories… which probably resulted in what I’m achieving today.

I’d like to think it’s that, for various reasons:
  • It means I’ve come to means with who I am, and I’m finally able to reflect it.
  • It means I understand this world, and I might have a future in it.
  • It means that in my obsession to not only dream, but fulfil my dreams, I have taken my first solid step along my particular Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City…

And I’m happy. Yes I am.

2 comentarios :

Marta dijo...

Pero qué bonitos y estilosos están nuestros respectivos blogs!!!!! Un besazo guapa!

Agnes dijo...

jajajaja, la verdad es que sí... ¡¡me encantan tus flowers!!