domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009

Saturday mornings

For a little while now, my sturday mornings have changed. Lazy mornings of coffee & TV have been replaced by sunny mornings at the park. An obvious improvement, if you ask me. The cause of this wonderful change? The little devil that has won my heart ever since I saw it for the first time... Indi. I don't think I've made the necessary introductions...

Indi arrive a freezing morning of January, teeny tiny and frightened in his travelling box. Black as a hole, it is the cutest thing I've ever since, and not only because it is my dog (well, to be completely honest, it's my brother's, but who cares?). Indi is a very good French Bulldog who loves eating and sleeping underneath your legs while you watch TV. He has a slight obsession with my home-flipflops (some heary green frogs), and a very funny way of walking, moving his but from left to right.

Here you go... isn't he cute??

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