viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Oh! the sweet Gin moments in life...

Hello my dear gossipers. Gossip Girl here!

There's nothing better than a nice Thursday party to keep the spirit on for the long, boring working Friday, right? Especially when alcohol and co-workers are involved. Don't worry, I was there and I'm just about to tell you all the little dirty details of such a gorgeous night. What would you do without me?

Yesterday night, a celebration finally got place. After 3 weeks of waiting and trying to organize something between the two, A. and Whiskey O. finally managed to set a date to invite their co-workers to a drink. Or two. Or three. At the beginning, everything was apparently normal. even their boss turned up. But A. was due to party hard (again) and quickly started giving out drink flyers to everyone that turned up and, once D. and R. showed up, accompanying both of them every time they wanted a drink. "I've kind of developed a taste for this stuff," she has been said to admit with a wicked grin nursing a gin&tonic. The Hell she has. By the middle of the night she was having the time of her life with the other two and O., who's kind of a professional on these matters. Formerly a loner, A. can no longer bear to be alone, and she's found that the best way to keep her mind off the future is to drink a little gin and then fool around. She's only just discovered this? OMG

But the night was about to get interesting, so to speak. Whiskey O. did something totally embarrassing and unexpected.
  • Hey A. Wanna try the red bra on?
  • Not really. Got my own on, thanks. (Oh, alcohol, the sentences you make us say.)
  • Not anymore.
  • (after a couple of seconds) What the hell!!?? With an imperceptible movement of his hand on her back, he had managed to unclasp her bra in the blink of an eye. If only she knew the story was bound to be told and retold on her absence on Friday.

Time for the presents, Whiskey O. received several undergarments and a Guitar Hero game, accompanied by a cowboy hat, a flute and some maracas. Hell of an image. A. on the other hand, received some hair mascara, make-up and a pair of incredible sexy grey pin-up shoes. Want to step on your new life with some glamour A.? Go on, nobody is going to stop you this time.

After that, most of the people went home, and only 4 brave ones lingered for some more party. Night is young and, after all, wasn't September the Celebration Month?


A., D., R. and O. having the time of their lives in Shabai. My sources tell me they weren't seen in a taxi heading home until around 6AM. Nudge, nudge. Naughty boys. Guess you'll regret it in the morning.

A total stranger, kissing A. in the girl's bathroom while she pushed him away, totally amazed by the situation and still don't believing it. Hello?? You at least need a little courtship before literally attacking a girl so as not to be pushed out. Especially when you try to get your way on a girls bathroom while she's peacefully resting her sore feet and totally not expecting it. Duh. A. surely has turned wilder, but not that mad.

D., at the very same moment, in the very same bathroom, totally flipping out by the situation. Yes baby, chivalry is definitely dead.

Well, my little pigeons. That's all for today. This girl needs her beauty sleep.

You know you love me,

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