sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2008

25 Candles...

We all know a birthday is always something to celebrate and the perfect excuse for a party,But when you’re turning 25, said party ought to be BIG. And precisely that is what Agnes must have been thinking about all summer, letting everyone with an ear know there was something going on for her birthday. Now that the day has come… what’s been cooking birthday girl?

Since she knew that the surprise party she had been asking for since she turned 20 was obviously never going to happen (tsa tsa, friends should listen more carefully), Agnes decided to surprise herself. So just two days before the event (working life has these little things that make it so interesting, sometimes time just can’t be counted on), she got that pretty green apple agenda of hers out and started tipping e-mails and text message invitations like mad. This girl wanted a celebration and she wanted it bad. After all, one doesn’t turn 25 everyday, right?

With everything scheduled and reserved, turns out Agnes is a very good organiser after all, and her party was more than she expected. Lovely presents, surprising visits, not so surprising leavings… and a young spirits long-night-out served in gin&tonic glasses… It's human nature to be free, and no matter how long you try to be good, if someone else is paying for the drinks on your birthday, all you can do is have fun and drink. Right?


Spotted at the exit of an Irish bar, A, somewhat tipsy, escaping on a taxi with her newest friends to the next club. Looks like someone’s planning on partying hard tonight. Anybody on for the challenge??
Spotted at the very same spot, a bunch of twenty-somethings looking bewildered while A waves them goodbye from a rapidly withdrawing taxi. Mhm… 00:30 and heading home, already?? Guess they’re not on for the party after all. Surprised? Hardly.

Couple of hours later, and later still, A singing with rapture and dancing like dervish in a couple of clubs with her fellow Insiders. She looked like she was having the time of her life.

It’s all about A sometimes... Guess she was serious about her changing after all.

So until next time ... you know you love me,

Xo Xo Gossip Girl.

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