domingo, 1 de junio de 2008


Yesterday night, after months without seeing each other, a part of my classic group of friends (minus the Rebel Alliance, course) managed to get together for dinner and a night out.

Well, let’s correct that: dinner only.

And what a dinner. The supposed-to-be-cheap restaurant resulted in a 30€ menu, which certainly made me squirm. New faces, a +1 I already knew, a friend-intern, and a new friend from a friend whose appearance surprised me, or rather not, considering. Anyways… too many t-shirts for my taste that resulted in the inevitable “you may NOT come in” in one of the most classic and trendy discotheques in the city. A blast. Once again, I suffered from incomprehension from the vast majority and over-dressed for the event… a situation likely to repeat itself, as it already has for the last couple of occasions.

But excuse me, for I have told later events. At the dinner (which wasn’t that good, at least for that price), some nice topics and some arguments too, specially about where to go next. Some wanted the classic beer bar, and god if I didn’t protest!! I mean… I wasn’t wearing by fabulous chocolate it dress to go to a filthy bar! If they wanted that, they should have warned me from the beginning, and I would have worn my jeans. Although, since I’m a good negotiator and all, I managed to convince them with a huge argument: money. I’ll explain. Both the discotheques I was proposing where in the vicinity… which meant no money spent on a taxi. That did it. I won.

Or so I thought… for a mere hour later (after we weren’t allowed to come in one of my options), 01:00AM, 5 out of the 9 persons of the group had left for… good? Again… what a blast.

2:30AM this lady was getting to bed.

As I was saying... what a blast.

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