lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Monday @ TGN...

So... that's what I did. Told you yesterday... had to go and present GxC to a client, and come back.

Trip was fine... train in 1st class just rules. No surprises there. Discovered the book I bought (Wicked, which inspired the Broadway musical) as an impulse was totally worth it, and has much more into it that I initially thought. Go figure.

So, as I said. We went there (my boss and I), presented, and kind of succeeded. I mean... it's going to take some tries and waaay to much time to get it really working, but'll be working at some point. Which is definitely good. Learned a lot with a negotiation we weren't really supposed to have seen, but that we did. Present a bit to fast for my taste (hence the disorder, and my confussion at some points), but got it running. Yeiiih.

Trip back to Madrid was spent between funny stories, art, and Trivial playing. I so totally won my boss... btw.

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