lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

Funny thigs...

Funny thing how an innocent comment can make a difference. Wait… to be completely accurate I’d rather say “can seem to make a difference for a while”. An innocent comment on an e-mail (though the truth is, it was fully armed with intention… which probably means it wasn’t all that innocent in the beginning…) and finally, she seem to understand the situation is no longer ok. Hence, tomorrow’s dinner. See if it actually happens.

Funny thing is I’m going to need more than a couple of calls and a dinner to go back to the beginning. If that’s even possible...

Funny thing, too, how a simple, welcome yet unexpected phone call can, not only lift my spirits tremendously, but manage to allow me to finally feel and express, what’s been bothering me for so long now. I don’t know if it was his sincere surprise about my statement, his understanding, or his words. But suddenly I felt like I was being listened, and it triggered by confession. One I haven’t been able to make with anyone else. One I can’t make with anyone else. So after a couple of minutes of ranting, I could finally feel the weight was being lifted from my soul… and I felt much better.

Funny thing how some people seem so near even though they’re miles apart, and others, much more closer in distance, feel like an ocean away.

Funny things… right?

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