martes, 18 de marzo de 2008

About olive trees and trains

I’m feeling a little anxious today, so when the clock strikes 18:30, I run to the bathroom to change.

5 minutes later I exit fresh and with a huge smile on my face. That’s the kind of thing jeans do for you. That, and the fact that the only one thing left to do at the office is say your goodbyes and leave for the beach…

After a way too long trip on the underground I find myself walking through the hall of the train station. I have to admit as I see my reflection in the window panes I feel cool, and I love it. Clad in my pitillo jeans, Converses & T-shirt, and that huge and long brown jacket of mine, with my Armani shades perched on my head and my slightly dishevelled bun (jeez… I can’t believe I finally managed to get how it’s done), I just look like one of those cool girls I’ve always envied. My rolling suitcase and the It bag I’m carrying, give the final touch. Change this station for Grand Central in NY and I would me the happiest girl on Earth. But this’ll have to do.

You see, travelling is all about being comfy. I simply cannot understand those ladies that travel around on high heels and tight skirts on 8 hour trips. Given that I’m always going from one place to another, I have my own travelling uniform: baggy jeans and any t-shirt. Very recently, and unless I’m taking a long plane trip, I’ve decided to get a bit more tasty and change those old jeans for something a bit more cool, hence what I’m wearing today. But all in all, I still chose something that won’t disturb me along the way.

Anyways… I just love travelling. And using the train is just as fantastic. It has this retro thing about it. Pity I’ll be taking it so late, I’ll be missing the landscape. Cause I love when we finally arrive to Andalucía and all the flat space abruptly changes to rocky mountain and then to the olive trees plantations. Everywhere you look, you see all those perfectly aligned trees that, because of the distance, look as tiny green cotton balls. I can always feel myself instantly relax when I see them. Olive trees have that effect on me. They’re my favourite kind of tree, you see? I don’t know. There they stand, all curly and rooted to the floor, looking like they’ve been forever observing us all. They seem to be so old, so full of knowledge… and the way they turn all silvery when the wind blows. It’s just amazing. Besides… given the fact that’s it’s precisely out of their fruit that we get our golden olive oil, anyone can imagine why it’s such a wonderful tree.

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Amor dijo...

tu inglés es perfecto, espectacular de bueno, caray

un beso


Agnes dijo...

Muchas gracias... trato de no olvidarlo, y por eso practico siempre que puedo.