lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2006

One done...

Ok, that makes it only 2 to go (at least for now).

Music to my ears.

Bit depressed, anyway, though “down” would be more correct… I don’t know, so many things could go wrong with my marks and all. Would be a little too difficult to explain right now (I’m so tired at the moment), but believe me… I won’t be in peace until Friday.

Today’s exam went quite smoothly, which is beyond satisfying for now. Anyway, I hate when teachers try to be nice after failing you a first time, as it happened today.

Less talk, better marks.

It so easy…

But NO. They have to chit-chat. Try to be your friends if only for a while... tell you how good you are, although you already know (Then why failing me, darling?) you know... hypocrites.

Hope tomorrow’s exams will come out as smoothly…

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