martes, 12 de septiembre de 2006

Accounting... could have been better

Soooo, here I am again, just arrived from the 2nd of my 2 exams. Accounting.

Unfortunately, it didn’t actually go as smoothly as yesterday.

So… YES.

I’M PISSED, and terribly depressed too.

I don’t know… I didn’t know it was going to be as difficult. But seems like it actually was. Why on earth do they have to put a services company when ALL the class examples were manufacturers? It just escapes my comprehension. So there you go, you read the exam for the first time and think “Ok, Services Company. No storing charts, no production costs… should be easy” Problem is 1 hour later, when you suddenly realize, covered in paper, Typex, calculators and numbers, that “easy” is the worst word to describe it.

It’s also far beyond my comprehension why do we have to suffer from freezing when we do an exam. Come on, It’s already enough suffering!!… Couldn’t we at least have a normal temperature in the class?! Seems like not at all.

More things… let me see… another reason I’m pissed: The 5th course assembly (the one in which they discuss whether you passed all your subjects or not) is not until the 26th of September. No problem, you’d say, well… not exactly. You see, because I study in a private university that’s “part” of the Vatican (yeah, sounds weird, but things are this way), after finishing our degree, we need to take another examination. This one consists in a huge exam of different subjects, supervised by a board of teacher from public universities, that decides whether you get the final degree and make it official or not. Stupid, I know… whatever. This exam takes place on October the 9th if you have passed your degree. Note that if you don’t pass you own university’s exams, you can take it. So here comes the worst part: because the assembly is not until 9 days before the reválida, I only have 9 days to study it (and it’s a lot to study, I can tell you). No problem, most of you will think, start studying it beforehand. Oh yeah, so in the case that I don’t pass my exams, I will be studying for nothing for 2 weeks… isn’t cool!!!! Even the teachers I talked to think it’s absurd…

Will they EVER give me good news at all??

You wished.

Anyway… one to go, and counting!

Besides the exams depression, I went to talk to my Studies Coordinator for my second degree, the marketing one. After all, I need them to transfer my super fabulous marks from Copenhagen. I also have to transfer the credits I’ll get from my internship, and that’s hell of a number of credits. Hopefully it’ll mean many less subjects this year… all will tried to be solved on Thursday, when the examination nightmare is over. On the meantime, when she asked me about Wonderful Copenhagen, I couldn’t help a huge smile spread across my features. God, I miss it! Promised to bring the pictures and not only talk about the “official” reason of the trip… the meeting looks good.

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