viernes, 25 de agosto de 2006

Back to routine...

Ok, ok… seems like thing are starting to work… FINALLY.

I’m back to my studying routine, which consists in me getting up early (8 AM), having breakfast, and sitting on the chair in my room trying not to get too bored with my taxes law notes (which is EXTREMLY difficult) and not to look on the other amount of other subjects notes I have on the floor. I make a couple of stops to drink water and occasionally watch something on TV, enough to disconnect my brain for a while…

I can tell you, studying these days is crap.

I’m also sending CVs to some companies, trying to get a part time internship that will allow me to buy those little things a girl needs for living and at the same time, finishing my degree in marketing techniques. For now, just one company has answered and I have an interview on Monday. It’s not the job of my dreams (I would prefer something more like Public relations and stuff) but it’s all I got for now, and it’s not bad at all. Near my house, near the university (between them, in fact), not a bad salary… we’ll see what happens.

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